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Dr. Charles Capaday, Professor & Director



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There are two main areas of research in my Neuroscience laboratory 1) the neural mechanisms of human walking and 2) the functional organization and operational principles of the motor cortex.

   I was trained in Physiology and Electrical Engineering. My approach to understanding how the brain initiates and controls movements spans many levels of description from the cellular to the behavioural. My training in electrical engineering is an important practical underpinning to these endeavors. Signal and systems analysis and the utilization of complex biomedical instrumentation figure prominently in the day to day activities of my laboratory.

   The lab is well equiped and furnished. It contains apparatuses ranging from optical imaging and multi-electrode recording systems to 6-D kinematic measurements. Human and animal neurophysiological experiments run in parallel in the lab. We use a wide variety of neuroscientific techniques such as single and muli-unit recordings, neuron staining, magnetic brain stimulation, mathematical modeling, etc. Optogenetic methods to study cortical function in mice are underway.

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*The articles in the special issue of the Journal of Integrative Neuroscience (2012)  on brain and movement are available here.

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